Do you live in an apartment & own a dog? Do you love it when you come home and that wagging tail comes running towards you and you feel the stress of the day fall away, right?

But do you also worry about leaving your adorable pooch when you leave for work, worry that your dog is barking, chewing the furniture and toileting on the bath mat?  Then your stress levels will be increasing.  I can help you.  

Dogs that live in apartments face specific challenges to cope in confined spaces.  Whether it's destructive behaviour, barking management or general problem behaviours, I can show you how to keep you, your pooch, and your neighbours happy!

Training, exercise, entertainment.  

TRAINING ... is great for exercising your dog's brain as well using up energy.  Early morning training sessions will do both.  You can enjoy some fresh air, while you give your dog's manners a bit of a polish. 

If you want to discuss something your beautiful apartment dog is doing, something you'd rather he didn't, click here to contact Jenny.

i will organise a convenient time to call you & discuss your needs. 

EXERCISE ... is great for producing relaxing endorphins for you and your dog.  A weary dog is a happy dog.  Your dog will be calmer and looking forward to a long mid-morning snooze. 

ENTERTAINMENT ... instead of feeding your dog breakfast in a bowl, use your dog's breakfast to create a treasure hunt hidden around your apartment, or fill a puzzle toy so pooch has to work for breakfast.  

SOLUTIONS ... I am offering convenient early morning training classes at dog-friendly apartments, dog walking packages and individual entertainment packages to keep your dog calm, relaxed and happy while you're away.  Training, Walking or Train + Walk options can be individually tailored to fit your needs. 

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