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 Do you feel frustrated by all the conflicting advice you hear about dog training? You just want some training advice for your dog, and you need to solve that ... [insert behaviour problem!]… right? 

But you hear one thing from the dog park gang, you read different advice on the internet, and your partner has yet another idea. You certainly don’t want to risk making things worse, but how do you know the right thing to do? 

I know how you feel. When my gorgeous Golden Retriever Bonnie was an adolescent she was jumping up on people, pulling on the lead, nipping our ankles and indulging in more than the occasional gardening expedition. I needed help, but I didn’t know whose opinion to trust.

That’s what lead me to study with the Delta Institute.  To learn the latest, science based training methods so I could cut through all the conflicting advice and get to the correct answers.  Now I have a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and I am an accredited Delta CGC Trainer. 

Whether your dog is big or small, you need group training classes or would prefer one-on-one Private Consultation, click below and I will contact you at a convenient time to discuss your dog training questions. 

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